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    The Ombudsman's Office is the direct communication channel between students and WEST 1 central office in Australia and aims to maintain and improve the quality control of the services provided by WEST 1 agencies, so as to provide an increasingly fantastic experience for our students during their exchange experience in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Our team is prepared to recommend arrangements for all levels of the organization and monitor their progress until a final resolution is given to the requester. All requests are carefully analyzed and sent directly to the competent areas. Through these interactions, we seek to identify opportunities for improving our organization’s processes, products and services, always focusing on the student. You should contact the Ombudsman's Office when you don’t feel fully taken care of in other channels provided by the organization. It’s important to have previously contacted the agencies, because all our staff in each of our branches, both in Brazil and in Australia, is capable of resolving any type of questions or difficulties that you might face. When contacting the Ombudsman's Office, always remember to provide details of the previous service, as well as providing as much information as possible about your difficulty. This will speed up the processing and resolution of your request.

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