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    Our Services

    See here all WEST 1 services for you to study abroad


    WEST 1 students always travel with guaranteed accommodation. Whatever your choice, homestay or student residence, WEST 1 works in partnership with companies specializing in student accommodation.

    Living in a nice place, where you feel good and can really call home, is a crucial component to having a good exchange experience and achieving your study goals. There are some accommodation options, but whatever your choice, WEST 1 works in partnership with companies specialized in student accommodation in the destinations we work with.


    WEST 1 recommends that students book a homestay for their first weeks of study in the new country, with the family reception and their support, adapting to the new culture and routine in another country will be of great help and inestimable value. Experiencing how a local family live their lives, being closely familiar with the new culture and local habits, and improving language skills are some of the benefits of this accommodation option. Hosted in a homestay, the student is entitled to 2 meals a day during the week and 3 meals a day on the weekends.

    Share Accommodation:

    This is a great choice for the more independent students, particularly those who are already familiar with the country and the city where they will live, and have some knowledge of the local language. WEST 1 works with companies that manage real estate and offer a complete accommodation, with furnished room, internet, household appliances and maintenance in case of any unforeseen events. Upon arriving at their destination, many students find ads for this kind of accommodation even on the school's own bulletin boards, as it’s very common for other students returning to their homeland to vacate the accommodation they will leave.

    Hostels Backpackers:

    Hostels are recommended for short stays. The accommodation is basic, with few luxuries. This option is ideal for people traveling all over the country. Hostels usually have a relaxed atmosphere, and are popular with young travelers. The accommodations are usually in shared rooms, but in some cases it’s possible to rent a private room.


    Representing more than 300 educational institutions, we offer courses for all profiles and objectives: general English, preparation for proficiency tests, technical and college tests and much more.

    WEST 1 represents more than 300 educational institutions in the destinations we operate and our experts will help you choose the ideal course and school according to your profile, goals and budget.


    English courses

    The destinations that we operate have several options of courses for those who want to study English. With a large number of schools and several courses, there are high-level private institutions in the main destination cities, as well as language centers in universities.

    Courses range from General English through preparatory courses for proficiency exams such as Cambridge, IELTS and TESOL, English for business and also specific courses for activities such as medicine or law, for example.


    Vocational courses

    Vocational courses, also called technical or professional courses, are alternatives for students who have finished high school but don’t necessarily want to enroll in a university. They are shorter courses, lasting from a few months to a few years, and provide certificates and diplomas and can also earn you credits in a future university.

    These courses in Australia are offered by public institutions called TAFE (Technical And Further Education), recognized by their high level of education standards, as well as by private schools and universities in other destinations. Many of these institutions work directly with companies in the industry, facilitating the student's entry into the job market. Business, marketing, tourism, hospitality, accounting, design, arts and information technology are some of the courses offered.


    Higher education

    Universities are linked to educational institutions in more than 100 countries. Like Brazil, the most common are bachelor’s certificates, offered in an extensive range of courses from architecture to zoology.

    Postgraduate courses such as masters and doctorate degrees are also highly sought after, especially by those who are already graduated and decide to specialize overseas in order to gain new experiences and broaden their professional horizons.

    Local Support

    WEST 1 students have all the necessary support for all main day-to-day activities and adaptation issues, as well as support in projects to extend their stay in the country.

    At WEST 1, your embarkation doesn’t mean the end of our support and student support services continue throughout the entire exchange program.

    The personalized service provided by WEST 1 ensures that students will have support at all stages of their exchange experience. With this in mind, we have created the 100% Support Service, which covers all important aspects of the project, giving students the peace of mind that ensures the best use of their experience abroad.

    How we are going to help you during your studies:

    • Courses
    • Visa renewal
    • Guidance to enter the new job market
    • Welcome session with information on the country's laws, culture, transportation and everything you need to settle in the destination country
    • Accommodation
    • Translation
    • Workshops and Seminars
    • Parties and Events
    • Travel and Tours
    • Airline Tickets
    • Transportation
    • Internship programs


    It’s often necessary for the student to arrange for the translation of some documents, mainly for applications in graduate and postgraduate programs, or to apply for a visa. For this, WEST 1 offers certified translation services.

    In some cases, while planning the exchange or even during the stay in the destination country, it’s necessary for the student to translate some documents, especially in the university’s enrollment processes or in a possible extension of the visa. At important times like these, the documentation is only accepted if the translation is done by a certified translator.

    Because of this, we work with professionals that translate all kinds of documents.


    With the door-to-door transportation from the airport to your accommodation, knowing that someone will be waiting for you at the arrival gate will help reduce some of the anxiety that’s common upon landing in the destination country.

    Landing in an unfamiliar country, not having mastered the language and not knowing anyone, can make you feel butterflies in the stomach, right? However, knowing that someone will be waiting for you at the arrival gate will help reduce some of the anxiety that’s common in this first moment of your exchange.

    The students who embark for their exchange program with WEST 1 have all the support not only in planning the trip but also during their stay in the destination country. Before you even embark you can already organize the transfer from the airport to your accommodation, giving you peace of mind for when you arrive at your destination.


    WEST 1 has a department specialized in visas that will take care of the entire process, thus ensuring safety in your visa application.

    Depending on the country of destination that you choose to carry out your exchange, you will need a visa to enter the country.

    Whether you are going for sightseeing, working or studying, this is a requirement that needs to be considered very carefully and for this, WEST 1 has an internal department specialized in visas for the destinations that we work with.

    Our experts are in training and direct contact with the embassies of each destination and will advise you sharing all their experience and knowledge of each country's requirements.

    Workshops and Seminars

    From the exchange program planning to pre-departure preparation and during your stay in the destination country, our agencies offer a series of workshops and seminars to assist in all aspects of your trip: planning, pre-boarding, work, migration, visa extension and much more.

    WEST 1 agencies offer a series of seminars and workshops to explain the main aspects involved in an exchange program.

    We promote a monthly cycle of talks about exchange programs for the destinations we work with to facilitate choosing the country according to your profile, goals and budget. For those who have already scheduled the trip, WEST 1 branches also promote the Pre-Boarding Briefing, an event where we present all the necessary information for you to travel with your mind at ease and well prepared.

    Once in the destination country, the list of events is quite extensive. Our agencies organize seminars and workshops to help the student adapt to their new routine in the destination country. They are events to welcome students with the information they need to begin this new stage of their lives, workshops to prepare students for job-hunting, migration laws, specific job training, and more.

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